If you're looking to switch up the holiday gift-giving exchange at your family party this year, this is a great idea. If you're used to doing White Elephant than maybe this year you switch it up. Everyone starts off with a present (that they didn't bring) and then take turns rolling the dice and follow the rules of the dice.

We do two Christmas activities each year:

1.) White Elephant-take turns picking a gift from a pile, you can either pick a gift from the pile or steal someone's. Usually it can't be stolen more than once or twice. If you go last, you have the advantage because everyone else already has a gift in their hands, expect for them.

2.) This one may be my favorite. My mom will wrap a MASSIVE Saran wrap ball with mini alcohol bottles, money and treats all within it. It's like a race: One person unrolls the Saran wrap trying to get as many goodies out as they can while the person sitting next to them rolls 2 dice as fast as they can. Once they roll doubles, they steal the ceran ball and start unwrapping and the next person tries rolling the dice.

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