Garth Brooks nearly walked out before doing the National Anthem 45 minutes before kickoff between the Bills and Cowboys.

The Buffalo Bills were taking on the Dallas Cowboys in Pasadena trying to not be the first and only NFL team to lose 3 straight Super Bowls when there was some national anthem drama with Garth Brooks.

(We all know how that ends with the Bills. In fact, we know how that ends the next year, too--but, that's not the point of the story LOL)

  • Garth Brooks was set to perform the National Anthem before the Super Bowl when he almost walked out.
  • His song and video for "We Shall Be Free" he wanted to debut on the TV before the Super Bowl. The song was written in response to the Rodney King verdict in LA back in 1992, but the video had things in it that the network didn't want to air like the flag burnings and KKK.
  • Garth threatened to not sing the National Anthem less than 45 minutes before he was scheduled to go on.
  • The producers actually asked Bon Jovi, who was in attendance to watch the Super Bowl, to be on standby to sing.
  • Eventually, the TV network gave in and played the "We Shall Be Free" video and it was the only time in history that the Super Bowl was delayed.
  • Due to this instance, the Super Bowl requires every National Anthem singer to record a pre-recorded version ahead of time.

Garth Brooks is coming to Western New York for the first time in 7 years!

After a long-anticipated wait, Buffalo will be able to buy tickets for the Garth Brooks concert at Highmark Stadium coming up next week on Friday, June 17, 2022.

There is only one ticket price and it INCLUDES all of your taxes and fees. Each ticket is $98.95. The concert at Highmark Stadium is Saturday, July 23, 2022. In addition, we will have TONS of tickets for you on WYRK starting with Clay and Company this morning, June 8!

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