If you ever wanted country superstar Garth Brooks to play one of your requests, tonight might be your night.

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Garth Brooks announced that after delaying his "Live Tuesday Evening" event last week due to possible interaction with a COVID-19 positive co-worker, he and Trisha will hold their special live event tonight.

"Live Tuesday Evening" will air tonight starting at 7 pm on Garth Brook's Facebook page and they will play as many requests as they can during the event.

During last night's Inside Studio G, Garth announced that everyone that works on the production had tested negative for COVID-19 and that is why they are holding the event tonight.

If you want to submit a request for Garth and Trisha to play you can submit one on social media using the #GarthRequestLive2

There is one rule to requesting a song according to Garth's press release;

Garth asked a couple weeks ago, any request has to be accompanied by a photo of you with a mustache (in honor of his late friend Emmett Gilliam whose birthday was 7/7 – the original planned performance date – a man known for his distinctive signature ‘stache).

You can watch the event live HERE


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