I know you think Carrie Underwood should have won.

I know that you think Eric Church should have won.

One had arguably one of the most involved, over-the-top, impressive production on her Cry Pretty Tour.
One played 2 nights back to back in every major city. With no opener and an extended set.

I get it. Both had huge years. In fact, I guessed Carrie Underwood would win. Assuming the big year she had and the CMA's celebrating women for the night. But, I guess that doesn't mean you have it in the bag.

Now, there's Garth Brooks.

Who can sell 80,000 tickets in minutes and sell out a stadium. Then the next night go play a dive bar for 400 people. You can't deny it. You can't deny the electricity, the authenticity and the entertainer in the guy. He takes his hat off when shaking a woman's hand, he is a yes-sir and yes-ma'am kind of guy who appreciates anyone that ever did anything from him. He puts himself in our worlds and reminds us that he is a normal dude.....that just happens to be the Entertainer of the Year.

I mean, his after party was surrounded by the hottest spots in Nashville with thousands of other people around, but you probably didn't even know. We were up with probably 40 other people when Garth and Trisha walked in and he just yells "NUMBER SEVEN!!!!"

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