Garth Brooks may not have been happy with a radio station that pulled a stunt using his name and likeness. Over Memorial Day weekend, WRKA in Louisville, Ky. started calling themselves GARTH-FM and played all Brooks all the time, until they were told to stop by the hitmaker's legal team.

The station got a mix of reviews from listeners and fans but overall the response "overwhelming." They may also be overwhelmed by the response they got from Brooks' people. While they continued to play "Garth, the Whole Garth, and Nothing But the Garth" the changed their moniker to XXXXX FM.

The station's general manager, Todd Schumacher, says they were contacted by Brooks' legal team and told they were not allowed to use his name or likeness as their station's name. In addition, the station was using Brooks' face for their logo.

“Our Programming team is currently behind closed doors determining the evolution of our radio station,” Schumacher explains according to Saving Country Music. “We don’t have a solution now, but we will soon."

Although the "stunting" station isn't sure exactly where their reformatting will go, one thing is certain. They made quite a splash with GARTH-FM. Schumacher indicated a resolution and new direction for WRKA will be announced on Monday.

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