Darius Rucker's new single 'Radio' is a perfect song for summer. The uptempo tribute to young love, open roads and, of course, the radio is familiar and easy to fall for, especially when powered by Rucker's unequaled exuberance. 

After two substantial moments from 'True Believers,' this offering feels a little fluffy, although July and August are the perfect time to indulge in fluff. It's a song for the moment, one that keeps the good vibes of 'Wagon Wheel' going.

"Ridin' down the highway / Who wants to be the DJ / I'll find a spot on the side of the road / You find somethin' on the radio / Like a feel real good song / We'll know it when it comes on / Didn't have no money, no place to go / All we needed was a radio," Rucker sings during a very singable chorus.

The concept may be a little antiquated, but it's more difficult to rhyme words to iPod.

"I'd grab my girl, we'd look for somewhere to watch the stars / The perfect place to put it in park and take it slow," he sings to begin verse two. "She'd sing along, to even the ones that she barely knew / She still sounded good a little outta tune, but we didn't care / I'd look at her, she' d look at me, I'll never forget that melody."

'Radio' is a cute story that will offend absolutely no one until the final 30 seconds, when Rucker gets carried away with the "Radio, ray-radio." He plays it safe with with this selection for radio, as songs like 'Radio' aren't difficult to find. They're also not difficult to forget.

2.5 Stars

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