New York could require specific buildings to have gender-neutral restrooms. A State Assembly Bill to change bathroom access requirements is in committee right now. Assembly Bill A10652 aims to establish an official bathroom policy in New York State buildings.

What Exactly Is A Gender Neutral Bathroom?

According to the design website Arch Daily,

The modern-day gender-neutral bathroom is simply a public toilet that is accessible and designed for the use of any gender group. It can take the form of a single-user toilet, similar to those in private residences, or as a multi-user communal bathroom. Single-user toilets are straightforward in design - a washbasin and water closet enclosed in a private room.

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What Would Assembly Bill A10652 Bill Change?

Relates to requiring gender neutral bathrooms in state-owned buildings; requires at least one gender neutral multiple-occupancy bathroom in state-owned buildings and, where practicable, in state-leased buildings that do not have a gender neutral single-occupancy bathroom; defines terms.

The bill has a ways to go, it is currently in committee.

New York State Residents Can Now Choose X For Gender On Driver’s Licenses

New Yorkers can now choose 'X' to represent their gender, rather than having to choose between male and female. The state has also made the process easier for residents to make the choice. Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced that people who have a New York State driver's license, learner permit, or non-driver ID can choose 'X' online. This allows individuals to do so without visiting a Department of Motor Vehicles office. Gov. Hochul said,

I am excited to announce this historic change that represents another victory in our fight to help ensure equality and respect for the LGBTQ+ community. In New York, we are taking action to help ensure every person feels welcomed, represented, and free to live their truth, regardless of their gender identity or expression. My administration continues to be committed to this dream by giving New Yorkers the freedom to carry an identity document that represents their true self, ensuring that New York is a place of value, love and belonging.

New York State
New York State


You Can Find The Online Form To Change Your New York ID Or License Gender To 'X' Here

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