I am not exactly sure it's fair for me to review a George Strait song. After all I  have a dedicated Shrine to George in my basement. When I hear a new song I try to give it at least three spins before I get critical of it.I did the same with this on.e I even went as far to "sleep on it" so to speak. When I heard it the second day, it hit me differently. "Here For A Good Time", the first single of Strait's forthcoming album due in September, is a perect song to get you ready for summer. Is it a classic Strait song? Well it definetly has the honky tonk or Texas -tonk flair that I love on his records. However, if I am being honest, it didn't blow me away.

I love the fact that the song is co-written by George's son Bubba. I love the fact that it is new music from him as well. However, for some reason I am not a fan of songs that use sayings we have had around for years. "Here For The Party" or 'It's Five O"Clock Somewhere" or "No Shoes, No Shirt No Problem." You get the idea.

I give the song a 3 out of 5. For me the song is just kind of there. I do expect to hear some powerful stuff from this album and knowing George Strait's music the way I do, there will be one or two waltzes and a power ballad or two. No matter what, I am sure I will know each song by heart within a week!