There's another reason to run to Tim Horton's today! There is a cool promotion going on right now that you should take advantage of before they run out!

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They are really pushing you to download the Tim Horton's app on your phone. The latest promotion is a great deal--because you can cross off two items off of your list. Your pumpkin spice drink and it saves you from going to the store to get pumpkins for your porch!

As long as you order ANY Pumpkin Spice drink you'll get your free pumpkin and, as you can see from the picture above, they are ready to rock and roll and hand your pumpkin today! The promotion will last through next Friday September, 25.

Remember this? This week on Clay and Company we talked about companies in the 80s and 90s giving you presents or gifts if you purchased something. Magazine subscriptions were notorious for this. Remember getting the football phone with the Sports Illustrated subscription? A pumpkin for a 3 dollar coffee seems like a great deal! 

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