Things have not been easy in 2020 and if you are watching more TV than ever, you may be paying more for your favorite shows soon.

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NETFLIX has become more popular than ever and there is now a report that fees for the stream service are going to be on the rise.

We are watching some throwback shows these days on NETFLIX. We are in the middle of the NCIS Series. Because we have three little kids at home, getting to watch our shows is not always that easy. Normally we have time to watch shows after the three boys are in bed. The beauty of NETFLIX and other streaming services is being able to pause the show. I can make it through a half of an episode before I am ready for sleep!

Having to pay a little more for the service doesn't bother me as long as the quality and quantity of the selection of shows is also getting better. It seems as if NETFLIX is adding shows ona regular basis.

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