Spring is great.  The weather gets warmer, the plants start to grow, and the sun starts to shine more.  But we could do without this...

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With spring come those little holes and piles of dirt and tunnels in your yard that come from a busy mole or vole that has decided to take up residence there.

What's the difference between a mole and a vole?

Most people assume that the tunnels in your yard are made by moles.  But it could be a vole that's creating that mess.  What's the difference?  A website called Lawn Love says the biggest difference is in their tails.

"The best way to tell a vole apart from a mouse is to look at the tail: voles have short tails, while a mouse's tail is nearly the length of its body.Moles have long, pointed snouts.Voles have blunt snouts.Moles are typically 4 to 7 inches long." - Lawn Love

How can you tell the difference if you don't see one?

Do you see volcanic-looking piles of dirt by the holes?  It's probably a mole.  They tend to leave these piles.  The good thing about moles is that there's probably just one in that group of tunnels.

Voles will create an opening that's around 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  They will be deeper in the ground and will probably hold a family of voles.

Why does it matter if it's a mole or a vole?

The quick answer is that if you want to get rid of them, the same measures don't always work for both.  What works to get rid of moles might not work on voles and vice versa.

So how do you get rid of moles and or voles?

There are a ton of methods that people have tried over the years.  Some work, some don't depending on which animal you have.  Here are some methods that are sworn by from people who have struggled with it.

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