New artist Jillian Jacqueline made a stop in East Aurora on her radio tour to share not just her music but also her story. She performed three of her songs for an intimate crowd and then after being asked to do one more, did a killer cover of Hall & Oats's "Rich Girl". Personable and genuinely excited to play in front of a crowd, Jacqueline left Buffalo with a whole new group of fans.

During her performance she talked of her move to Nashville and how after a break up after a five year relationship her EP to an unexpected turn. "I never set out to make a break-up album" Jillian told the crowd, but the songs were her way to get through the break up and she realized they needed to replace the song she had originally intended. She took time after greeting and taking pictures with fans to sit down with me and just chat about herself, her move to Nashville and what she wants fans to know about her.

With her EP, Side Aout now Jillian Jacqueline is ready for the girl from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania a Nashville known name.
Twitter: @jillianjmusic

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