If you listen to WYRK between 10am and 3pm, there's no doubt that you have heard me speak of my passion for the outdoors.  I love to hunt, fish, hike, run, shoot guns and just be in the wilderness.  Over the years, one tends to accumulate lots of outdoor gear, but there are still things on my bucket list.  The one item that has somehow eluded my collection of outdoor stuff is a canoe.  I don't know why but we have never acquired one even though it would be a welcome addition at our house. Now that my son is working at a local sporting goods outlet, we are probably going to buy a canoe very soon.

Living in Western New York my whole life, there are parts of Ellicott Creek that I have always wanted to explore by canoe. Soon, I hope to be doing that and crossing another item off my bucket list. My son borrowed my friend's canoe yesterday and the photo you see is how it looked on Tyler's truck.