Almost everyone will tell you that you should NEVER enter icy water yourself to help someone.  There's a good chance you could end up in danger too.  But that didn't matter to this Wheatfield man.

It's pretty crazy what lengths people will go to in order to save an animal in need.

According to WKBW, Don Chatten was at the Bark Park at Ellicott Creek Park with his own dogs when someone had asked if he would help to find another dog that was missing.

While searching for the dogs, he says it was his own dogs that pointed out the small terrier who was stuck in the icy water of Ellicott Creek.

He admits that he did call 911 but feared that the little guy wouldn't make it if he waited.  He used to come to this park all the time when he was a kid so he knew that that area in particular wasn't too deep so he sprung into action and into the icy creek to save the pet himself.

He never did find out the name of the puppy's owner but knows that the dog's name was "Jackson."

Again, it's very dangerous to go into icy waters like that and most officials would tell you to never do that.

Personally, I'm glad there are still people in the world like Don.  Good for you for saving that puppy.  You saved that dog's life and made his owner's day.

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