Many of us want the spring to start. We're over the cold and snow. It's normal to think that in the second week of March and it should only be a few more weeks before the warmer weather is here for good.

However, there is one thing that could make spring of 2022 a bit different for many across New York State and certainly, the east coast.

Remember in 2020 when the entire country was enamored with the potential of killer hornets? 2021 was all about the cicadas. 2022 will be for the arachnids.

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According to Axios in Washington D.C., researchers from the University of Georgia announced that an invasive species of spider called Large Joro Spiders are expected to colonize the entire east coast this spring.

Despite their appearance of black, yellow, blue and even red, along with being the size of a child's hand, they're harmless. There could be millions of them this spring though.

They originate from Japan and came to the United States in 2013 to the southeast, particularly Georgia. In 2022, they're expected to spread as far north as Delaware and who knows, maybe as far as New York. There's no definitive answer for how far they will infiltrate.

The spiders travel using their webs as parachutes and letting the wind take them long distances.

According to Axios, their life cycle starts in the spring but get their biggest in June. You may even see them in the summer months.

My fiancée hates any and all spiders and even though these guys are pretty harmless, she will be hoping they stay as far south as possible.

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