This Sunday many of us will b heading to a friend's or family members' home for Easter brunch or dinner.

I was always taught that when you do to a party at someone's home you bring the host or hostess a simple gift. It is a way of saying thank you for the invite.

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So if you are attending a party, brunch, or just a simple get-together bringing a gift for the host/hostess here are 5 simple gifts you can give.

1. Bottle of Wine - When bringing the gift of a bottle of wine, you should make sure that the wine is the favorite of the host/hostess. Some people bring a bottle that they open and drink during the party. A true gift is a bottle of wine that the host/hostess can open up and enjoy well after all the guests have left.

2. Flowers or plants - Everyone likes getting flowers and giving your host/hostess a bright-colored, spring flower or plant can not only brighten up the home of the host/hostess but can also bring smiles to their faces well after the party.

3. A Side Dish - Food can make or break any party and if you are headed over to a brunch, lunch, or dinner offering to bring a side dish can take some pressure off the host/hostess. I would recommend asking your host/hostess if there are any certain side dishes that would like for you to bring.

4. Gift Basket - A themed gift basket based on the party is a great idea. For Easter, chocolates and other Easter candies would be perfect. Even non-perishable items like soaps, coasters, and notepads make for good gift basket ideas.

5. Out Of The Box Gift Idea - Depending on how well you know the host/hostess, thinking outside the box for a gift is a great way to show how much you know about them. From scratch-off lottery tickets to personalized picture frames to personalized glassware, an out-of-the-box gift is a great way to go.

So this weekend as you head out to a party or brunch make sure you have a gift for the host/hostess.

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