There is no question that Western New Yorkers are very generous people.  Over the last couple years, there are lots of stories to back that up.  Today was another one of them.

Friday is 7-1-6 day.  It's a day that probably doesn't mean too much to most people.  It's just July 16th, but here in Buffalo, it's a celebration.  It's a day to look at what makes Western New York great and show off a bit to the world.  The area code that covers most of Western New York is 7-1-6.  So on July 16th, Buffalo comes alive.

In many cases, there are charity events to mark the occasion.

Take, for instance, the event that they call "Give 716."  It's a joint effort from the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres to help the community find ways to give back.  They gathered together a number of charities that people could choose from to make donations.  There is just about every category on the list from animal charities, arts, culture, humanities, to military, faith based, food, agriculture, and nutrition and more.

You choose where your donation goes, and you help out your community with their help.

It all started today at 7:16pm, the night before 7-1-6 day.

Buffalo Bills head coach offered to match all donations up to $20,000 in the first hour.  That was achieved early...and it just kept going.  In the first hour, Western New Yorkers had given over $125,000 to charities in the Buffalo area.  In the amount of time I has taken me to write this, the total has gone from $148,000 to over $155,000.

It says that the goal of Give 716 day is to unite Sabres and Bills fans with the Western New York Community in an epic day of giving.  Technically, 716 day hasn't even begun yet, but Buffalo has certainly showed up.

All day on Friday there will be more incentives to get people to give.  Check out some of the charities, and consider making a donation.  We all win that way.

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