It’s always cool to see someone in your community being recognized on national television, and one Western New Yorker has been making waves in our community – so much so that the Drew Barrymore Show recognized him for his good deeds. 

Jordan James is only 26 years old, yet he has done so much to change the community for the better, like hosting and producing a television program on WBBZ-TV called Good Deeds Buffalo. Good Deeds Buffalo airs every Saturday morning at 11:00 am on WBBZ-TV, and how Jordan James got his start on the project is truly inspiring. 

Good Deeds Buffalo caught the attention of none other than Drew Barrymore and her team on her talk show, and they surprised Jordan by inviting him on the show while he was sitting in the audience. 

On Thursday, March 24, Clay & Company had the pleasure of speaking with Jordan James about how he landed on the Drew Barrymore Show and how he got the idea for Good Deeds Buffalo. If you missed the full interview, you can hear it below. 

You can also find the episode of the Drew Barrymore Show that features Jordan James by clicking here.

Good Deeds Buffalo was largely motivated to be put in motion after the loss of Jordan’s mother, Margie, who suffered a heart attack in 2019. Jordan made the selfless decision on behalf of his mother to donate her organs. Her organ donation helped two people see again and helped several burn victims. After some time had passed, the James family received a special thank you card from one of those families who received one of Margie’s organ donations. Jordan knew in his heart that his mother made a difference in someone’s life, and knowing that she could make a lifelong difference after she had passed away motivated Jordan James to carry on her legacy of changing lives for the better. 

Good Deeds Buffalo airs every Saturday morning at 11:00 am on WBBZ-TV, and you can be part of the growing Facebook page by clicking here

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