Get ready to keep your wallet in your pocket when you travel the New York Sate Thruway.

Recent plans to eliminate toll booths along Interstate 90 in New York have been put on hold temporarily as Governor Cuomo wants to evaluate where the money to make the necessary changes will comes from.

The "cashless" system will allow drivers to pass through the E-Z Pass lanes as they do now. However, those that do not have an E-Z Pass will receive a bill in the mail.

It's only a matter of time before things are finalized. The cost is in the millions for the change and the Governor has gone on record to say that he is against any raise in the price of tolls to cover the cost of the "cashless" system.

According to a study by, California claims the title for the most expensive roads to drive. 17-Mile Drive, about an hour and a half south of the Bay Area (California)is going to cost you 54.4 cents per mile in a single car.

Using an E-Z Pass in New York does save a bit of money.

Driving along a toll road in the Dallas,TX area is smooth and should be the model for New York's cashless system. When you drive to an area that has a charge or toll, you don't have to educe speed. You simply pass beneath a set of sensors that will either pick up your pass or snap a photo of your license plate and administer a bill to the name that the vehicle is registered to.


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