The busy travel season is here in New York State. With record warmth this week, people are starting to get the itch to take a road trip and the New York State Thruway is filled with traffic!

We are blessed to have so many great places to enjoy and explore in this state. Yes, the taxes and politics can be difficult to deal with. However, the vast splendor of New York State makes up for most of that. Whether it is boating on a Great Lake, or a hike in the Adirondack Mountains, there is a fun vacation or getaway waiting for your family.

But the State Police in New York remind you to drive safe and be alert. Don't be surprised if you see some unique lights on their cars when they are involved in a traffic stop.

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If you drive the New York State Thruway often, you may have seen the new "pop up" lights that are on patrol cars that the New York State Troopers use. These are genius as you can clearly see them much farther away and it gives you plenty of time to move over and slow down.

These vertical lights are now being used more often and were tested originally in 2019.

The New York State Police has modified the light bars on top of their police cruisers to make emergency vehicles more noticeable. WHEC reports the new light bars sit both horizontally and vertically atop police vehicles.

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