New York State Police

Man Gets Pulled Over For Going 109 mph on I-86
What is the fastest you've ever driven in a car?  I'm not a fast driver, so my number wouldn't impress anyone.  I can say, I've never gone over 100 mph in a car.  That's what a guy from Pennsylvania tried to do when he got pulled over on I-86.
New York State's Most Wanted
Every Wednesday, the New York State police have a weekly feature called 'Warrant Wednesday' and they feature criminals across the state that they are looking to arrest. Yesterday's 'Warrant Wednesday' is one who may be hard to find because he is always on the move...
Hamilton College Issues Shelter in Place Order
UPDATE: 04/14/2015 5:45am    New York State Police will remain on campus as they continue to investigate.  Classes at Hamilton College will take place as normally scheduled today.  The Clinton Central School District is also operating on a normal schedule.
Brett’s Father In Law Retires
When I was first dating my wife, I was so nervous around her dad.  You see, he was a New York State Trooper.  From someone who doesn’t come from a family of police officers, that can be a bit nerve racking…even if you’re not doing anything wrong! …
Attica Prison Riot – Dale’s Daily Data
It was the bloodiest prison uprising in American history, it happened right here in Western New York and
politics played a role.  It happened on the fourth day of the Attica Prison riot in 1971.  Governor Nelson Rockefeller ordered that the prison be retaken by force after several days of n…
Somber Anniversary For Fallen NY State Trooper
When we think about the people who ensure our freedom, we think about our soldiers. When we think about the people who keep us safe, we think about our law enforcement officers. Our police agencies are always working hard to keep the bad guys where they belong: behind bars.