New York State troopers will be looking to see if you're doing this all week long.

Through Friday, police will be making sure that you are being extra safe while you drive in work zones. They will be double checking that people are not speeding, using their cell phone, have their seat belts on and make sure that everyone is moving over properly.

2,919 tickets were issued by State Police and participating law enforcement agencies during 84 deployments across the state in 2023.

Work Zone Awareness Week across New York State with the national theme, “Work Zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.” Slow down in work zones. Together we can make a difference in saving lives.

In 2023, the State Department of Transportation experienced 214 work zone traffic intrusions while constructing capital projects or performing highway maintenance activities. Additionally, there were nearly 200 crashes in Thruway work zones, leading to 37 injuries. The majority of crashes were caused by either distracted driving, following too closely, unsafe lane change or disregarding traffic warning signs", according to the New York State Governor's website.

You will see some buildings that are lit up orange in honor of highway workers and work zone contractors.

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