Last Tuesday, June 15th, most state-mandated restrictions in New York State were lifted as life gets back to looking normal around the country.

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo made a few announcements at a press conference. One of them is New York's State of Emergency, which was implemented on March 7th, 2020, will expire this Thursday. It will not be renewed.

However, Cuomo did remind New York residents that just because things are looking great right now, doesn't mean things can't get bad again in regards to the pandemic; more specifically, another virus.

Cuomo said, "There will be another virus. There will be a next one. We have to be prepared."

Cuomo's warning came during a part of his speech where he talked about the different variants of COVID-19, including the Delta Variant. If there's a new variant that the vaccine doesn't protect against, we will be back at square one, said Cuomo.

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The state's positivity rate has gone down nearly 80 days in a row. As of now, it stands at 0.36 percent for the seven-day average as New York gets back to a normal way of life.

Cuomo also mentioned that the state will still be following CDC guidelines, which include masks for unvaccinated individuals.

"Federal CDC guidance will remain in effect, which includes masks for unvaccinated individuals, as well as all riders on public transit and in certain settings, such as health care, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters, said Cuomo.


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