It's been a rough past 14 months, not just for Western New York, but for all of New York State. The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, but many want to know when things will (for the most part) get back to normal and things will fully reopen.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Buffalo this week, where he announced that the Buffalo Marathon would return this June, but he also took questions from reporters on the pandemic. More specifically, when he expects Western New York to be fully reopened, according to WGRZ.

The date might be sooner than people think.

That date looks to be a statewide goal as well since New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he wants New York City fully reopened by July 1st.

Cuomo reiterated his hope to reach a full reopen by that date.

"There is no person who will safely reopen faster than myself. I'm not gonna predict the future, but if you said to me, 'July 1,' I hope to get there before July 1," Cuomo said.

Nearly half of New York residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine and that number should grow as we move forward into spring.

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In case you missed it, capacity at sports arenas, stadiums, as well as movie theaters, and gyms are increasing this month and there's a slow but sure sense of things getting back to normal in Western New York.

Getting the region fully reopened by July would be amazing. We all still need to act smart and safe but I know how much businesses and residents are looking forward to that.

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