Governor Andrew Cuomo helps a Wednesday press conference to discuss pandemic-related issues across New York State.

Among the topics, Cuomo brought up the fact that New York State needs to get serious about a health emergency plan in the future, according to WIVB.

Governor Cuomo then announced the new New York State Citizen Public Health Training Program, which will be offered through Cornell University.

The reason for the program is to be prepared for future health emergencies, which Cuomo says he expects to take a few years in fact.

“I encourage everyone in the state to take this course,” Cuomo said, saying he expects another pandemic to happen, “because that’s what history tells us.”

As for the state's COVID-19 positivity rate, that stands at 3.51 percent. Western New York, on the other hand, is lower than that at 2.51 percent as of Wednesday's report.

More than 8 million New York residents have been vaccinated, through first and second doses. Those numbers are counted cumulatively, per WIVB.

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2021 is looking much more promising than 2020 ever did, with restrictions loosening and even scheduled events planning to take place in person. However, based on the Governor's comments this afternoon, perhaps we should always at least consider the possibility a pandemic like COVID-19 happens in the future.

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