Over the weekend, the heroic actions of a Grand Island native during World War II were honored when a new statue of him was unveiled.

A 7-foot statue of U.S. Army Private First Class, Charles DeGlopper was unveiled in Grand Island and not only honors DeGlopper's actions on the beaches of Normandy but the memorial honors all Grand Island residents who served in the United States military.

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DeGlopper was killed in action as his united stormed the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion. He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumous for his actions during the invasion.

The statue was created by local sculpture Susan Geissler and depicts Private DeGlopper in action. Geissler worked closely with DeGlopper's family to capture not only his features for the statue but also his heart.

The statue was unveiled during a special ceremony that took place this past Saturday morning.

The cost of the statue and memorial was around 750,000 with money being raised from local donations as well as some funding from New York State.

To help maintain the park and statue, donors are being accepted online or you can buy a paver inside the walkway of the part, and that money will go towards keeping the park and statue in good shape. Learn how to donate or buy a paver HERE. Pavers can be purchased in your name, in the memory of a family member, or in honor of someone who served in the United States Military.

If you want to see the statue, it along with the memorial park are located at 2333 Grand Island Blvd.

You can learn more about Private DeGlopper's heroics by watching the video below.



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