A fun little project for you and the kids to do before the Bills hit the field in September for the home opener. Take a look at what Steve posted in the Bills Mafia group the other day!

"My grandkids, using their foot prints, made these Bills logos so I could put them in my man cave. Pretty cool idea."

Bills Feet 3

One woman actually started this whole thing doing this 'Bills Mafia craft' with her daycare and it has really been a thing with toddlers this year.

  • She paints the bottom of their left foot blue and places it on the piece of paper. Yes, it has to be the left foot because the right foot would make a shape that isn't as good to outline the 'Buffalo'.
  • Add a couple of 'legs'
  • After the blue foot paint dries on the paper, take some red paint and stripe it though after. All-Ah.
  • A very timely, masterpiece that you can put on your fridge brought to you by your kid.
  • Go Bills.

My mom is a daycare teacher and is getting the little guys amped up for the divisional round by making these awesome paintings! #BillsMafia

This is one of the most memorable times we have had for the Bills in quite some time. The hype is real right now. The Bills will have some fun on the road, too with road games to Nashville, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville.

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