This is awesome! What is your yearly Christmas Tree tradition for your family? Do you go to a Christmas tree farm and chop down your tree each year? Maybe you just go to the bowling alley parking lot and grab one?

This sounds like a brand new tradition that you and your family are going to LOVE because your Christmas Tree is going to be the one that YOU grow yourself. You pick out 6 saplings that YOU plant on the farm and when they're big enough, you come chop them down. They are different heights so it is staggered heights and you have one every year to go cut down.

It's Patricia's Christmas Tree Farm! Where is Patricia's Christmas Tree Farm? It's located at 4 Eiss Hill Road in Boston and the owner of the Farm called into Clay and Company and we had to ask him a question we all have different answers to: What is the best Christmas Tree to have in your house?

Is this best Christmas tree a blue spruce? Fraser? Balsam? Canaan Fir? Heck, maybe it's just a fake one? Here's what he said:

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What will it cost you?

You plant 6 saplings of varying sizes and for the next 6 years you take home one of your trees--and there are 3 different kinds of trees to choose from. You will get to plant six-different sized saplings and come back every year for six years to take home one of your trees.

You may 50 dollars the first year and then it costs 79 dollars every year after that!

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