In a surprising move, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces on Twitter that he's moving to ban military-style assault firearms throughout Canada.

The new series of laws that Mr. Trudeau is planning to introduce into the Canadian Parliament would ban nearly all semi-automatic weapons. This would include all types of so-called assault weapons, in addition to virtually all handguns as well. In addition to the ban, no more gun licenses would be issued for other types of weapons and people would be prevented from selling or transferring guns they already owned.

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The two-term Canadian Prime Minister detailed several points of the new legal changes he's requesting Parliament to make. They include:

Putting in place a national freeze on handguns in the country.
If passed all individuals would be forbidden from bringing newly acquired handguns into Canada.
People would also be banned from buying, selling, and transferring handguns that are already owned within the country.

If you currently own any firearm and you're accused of domestic violence or criminal harassment, such as stalking, your weapon would be seized.

Penalties for gun smuggling and trafficking would be increased significantly and Canadian law enforcement officials would be given new tools to investigate gun crimes.

Canada would create a new red flag law that would allow courts to require that people who are considered a danger to themselves or others surrender their firearms to authorities.

Because of gun violence, people are dying, families are grieving, and communities are suffering. It must end. Assault-style firearms designed for military use have no place in Canada. By removing them from our streets, we will limit the devastating effects of gun-related violence and help make our country safer.
- Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian authorities have stated that in 2021 they seized more than double the number of guns at the Canadian bordering 2021 when compared to 2020.

The new proposed law, currently named C-21, has already been introduced into Parliament and has a lot of support from members of the Liberal Party of Canada

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