The holidays are supposed to be a happy time.  They're a celebration!  So why do people feel so sad when they come around?  There's a lot that can factor into a person's mental well being.  But did you know there are habits that you can avoid that might just make you a little happier?

According to Time Magazine, there are 12 habits that you can avoid or change that might be able to help you feel a little better in every day life.

1. You Slouch When You Walk

This one seems like a chicken and egg kind of situation to me.  Does the person slouch because they feel bad, or do they feel bad because they're slouching?  Either way, try to walk a little more upright to help you think better and think more positively.

2.  You Take Pictures Of EVERYTHING

You see this everywhere.  People don't seem to live in the moment much anymore.  They take pictures and hope to relive it later.  In order to make yourself happier, researchers suggest that you either concentrate on the subjects in your photos or just put the camera or phone down and soak up the moment.

3.  You're Letting A Bully Get The Best Of You

Bullying happens everywhere, even after you graduate.  Want to feel better, conquer the bully.  Here are some steps.

4.  You Don't Exercise

Activity helps to move more than your body.  It will also move your mind in a positive direction.  Just get out and move!

5.  You Procrastinate

Sometimes you're holding off on getting a task done because you feel anxious about it.  Waiting to do it will only prolong that anxiety.  Get it done, and get it off your list.

6.  You're In A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships will eat away at your self esteem.  Want to feel better.  Drop the zero.  It's not an easy thing to do.  But you have to do it to get your life back on track.

7.  You Take Life Too Seriously

You have to laugh.  It's good for you.  Find ways to do it and you will see the benefits right away.

8.  You Don't Sleep

Your body and mind need to reboot.  Give them both the time to reset and feel better.  If there's a bigger reason that you're not sleeping, it will be worth your time to figure out why.

9.  You're Never Alone

Take time to do things for yourself to avoid depression.  Make that appointment and then keep it.

10.  You Don't Actually Talk To Anyone

Sure, you interact with people on social media but what was the last time you took a minute to actually talk to a person face to face?

11.  You Can't Live Without Your Mobile Phone

This goes back to the resting point above.  Your body and mind need to reset every now and then.  If we are "always on" we aren't giving ourselves time to do that.  Turn the electronic devices off and give yourself a minute to reboot.

12.  You multitask

Wait.  I thought that was a good skill to possess.  Nope.  According to the article,

It just leaves us stressed out, oblivious to our surroundings, and unable to communicate effectively.

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