Halloween is just a day away.  In an effort to make you sound and feel smarter, here are some tidbits of information about the holiday, that you can share with your friends. Did you know that the act of "trick-or-treating" is an imitation of how the poor would beg for food from rich families on All Souls' Day.  In return for the pastries and goodies, the poor would pray for the rich.

-According to stats from the National Confectioners Association, 80% of adults hand out candy on Halloween, while 93% of children in America participate in trick-or-treating.

-If you happen to see a spider on Halloween....it is said to be the spirit of a loved one who is still watching over you.

-Halloween- OCT 31st is actually the last day of the Celtic calendar.  It is a pagan holiday which honors and remembers the deceased.  "All Hallows Eve"...the original name of the holiday dates back over 2000 years!!