A few days ago, restaurants and bars were limited to only takeout and delivery orders.  Hamburg came together to come up with a plan to help.

The idea is to eliminate contact between people and hopefully snuff out this virus.  But we want to make sure that these restaurants are going to be able to survive this period too.

So how do we support the restaurants that we love and not contribute to the problem?  Curbside pickup is the answer.

In the town of Hamburg, they have developed a curbside pickup plan that will involve virtually no contact between people.

The premise is simple.  Search the website of the restaurant that you would like to order from.  Call ahead to place your order.  Pay for it with your credit card ahead of time.  Then drive to the restaurant and park in the designated "Curbside Pickup Only" spots that have been blocked off for your convenience.  Call the restaurant when you get there, pop your trunk and they will put the order right in your car for you.

Simple.  Quick.  And you help out local businesses right now who desperately need your support.


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