It's time for episode 3 of Hanging with Clay and Hank! This week we go on the road for the first edition away from Hank's Hacienda. Hank wanted to explore the truck market so we took a ride to see the selection!

I had a truck in mind that I had seen on a lot in Hamburg and decided to swing in to take a test drive.

Hank Moden
Hank Moden

I call this episode " Don't Tell Mom." My wife Elizabeth and I HAD an agreement that I wouldn't look for  anew truck for at least a year or two. For those that know me, I have a bit of an addiction to trucks. The only brand that I have never owned is a Ford and that is only because I haven't found the right one for me.

I had been driving a 1500 Ram but the problem I had was the back seat wasn't large enough. I was having an issue with the "extended cab" not having enough room to put Hank's car seat in comfortably without having to lose room in the front seat for the passenger.

What's a dad to do? I HAD to see what the 2500 crew cab had to offer for space. As luck would have it, it was perfect! Plenty of room for a car seat, a Cummins diesel motor and a beauty of a truck all in one package!

As you can see, this was an easy decision for me. All that was left was to convince my wife! I figured episode 3 of Hangin' with Clay and Hank would be the best way to break the news.

Don't worry, Hank was safe in his car seat and I was parked when I was filming my portion of the episode! Thanks to Mark, Jon and the rest of the crew at West Herr for their help on this episode!

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