Introducing a new weekly feature! As the old adage goes, start 'em young! My son Hank and I will be invading your news feed every week with "Hangin' with Clay and Hank!"

Hank is really growing up fast and has already showed some signs of a great personality.

Starting today, we will be doing a weekly video series that involves Hank and I covering some of the big events from around the area that involve country music, the agriculture industry and the outdoor world!

Have an idea? Have a question? Feel free to send them our way. Although Hank may not be the best communicator yet, he is a great partner and we are open to suggestions.

Where are we recording? Over the last three months, we have been hard at work at our house turning the old basement that had become a "catch all" or storage area into a lounge/living area. Complete with a bar! As you'll notice, (and may already know) I am a huge fan of George Strait! Behind Hank and I in this first video are photos of George and I and even an autograph that I got from him the first time I met him in Buffalo.

George was here for the George Strait Country Music Festival and I had the pleasure of meeting him just prior to the famous Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw arrest.

The hats behind us are a collection that I have accumulated over the last 20 years. Each has a story in one way or another.

Here is Episode 1 of Hangin' with Clay and Hank! As you'll find out, Hank has been a bit under the weather and even though he held it together for our chat, he had to "cowboy up" and fight through his cold!



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