Memorial Day weekend is here and it's time to get outside! It has been a long and wet start to the year and Hank and I are ready to play in the yard.

Hank has grown up so fast over the last 11 months and is almost walking on his own. On this episode of Hangin' with Hank, Hank plays soccer, tries his hand at golf and even does a few chores outside with dad.

It has only been 11 months since Hank was born but I can't imagine what things would be like without him. Everything is an event, especially dinner time. He really has developed a great personality and  is so much fun to have around.


Although he may not be ready to make a career out of sports, he has the first part right.....having fun!

Even a rain delay couldn't keep us from having some fun! Have a happy and safe summer and a great memorial Day weekend!