What is hanging on all of these trees in Buffalo? What is with all of the supplies that are hanging on trees around town? There is a really cool initiative that is going on in Western New York and maybe you are looking to help. They are called the '716 Giving Trees'.

716 Giving Trees is a campaign that helps individuals and families in the Western New York community in need. There are more and more trees that are around town that have supplies that people in need can take--whether it be hats, gloves and scarves in the wintertime or ball caps, flip flops, and tee shirts in the summertime. The trend started in the Village of Kenmore and is quickly growing.

Sometimes you will even see some gift cards on the tree with little notes that might read "$5 coffee for a veteran" or "25 to Target for a mom-to-be in Western New York". It is a good opportunity for people to discreetly take supplies and necessities and also a great opportunity for people to help out in the Buffalo area as well.

Where are all of the Giving Tree locations in Buffalo?

  •  875 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
  • 207 Grove Street, Tonawanda
  • 1395 Hertwl Ave, Buffalo
  • 139 W. Girard Blvd. Buffalo, NY

"Take what is needed and leave the rest" is what you will see on the signs in front of the 'Giving Tree'.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz posted on social media about the less fortunate in Western New York:

Recently, a local media outlet published a story noting in January of this year, 1,465 persons were identified as being "homeless" in 5 western New York counties (Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties). Of that total, 1,003 were identified as being in Erie County.

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