The big day is almost here! Easter Sunday is this weekend and if you are looking for a great, homemade addition to the dinner you are planning or attending, you may want to try this Western New York tradition.

This weekend will be the start of a very busy 10 days across much of New York State. Not only is it a holiday weekend, it is also spring break for millions of kids and families and the solar eclipse will be happening in just over a week.

But there is always time to create something fun and this butter lamb may be the perfect thing to do with the kids. It is easy to do and looks great as a centerpiece.

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The directions and idea came from a family friend who has made this a great new tradtion.

DIY Easter Butter Lamb

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

The directions seem rather easy. The hardest part is most likely making the face and head.

Start with four sticks of refrigerated (hard) butter. Two go on the bottom, one on top over the seam. Cut a square out of the fourth for the head. Mold the face, ears and nose. Take a toothpick and make circles to fluff the fur and use whatever pieces fall to the plate to use on the edges to keep the lamb round. Add two cloves for the eyes and a red ribbon and flag and you are all set!

Have a great Easter and enjoy this your family!

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