If you travel near Cheektowaga or Buffalo or along the 33, you may have seen these signs at various stop signs and red lights. They are a great idea and hopefully the message is getting through.

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people litter or finding trash where it shouldn't be. For whatever reason, there are people who think that a red light is a good time to dump the trash from their vehicle on to the roads or street. You see it everyday around Western New York. Empty coffee and cigarettes seem to pile up the most at off ramps.

Photo by: Clay Moden
Photo by: Clay Moden

These green and white signs are posted at the end off the off ramps, near the red lights off the 33 at Harlem Road at Maryvale. It is a great reminder that we are responsible for the environment around us. It doesn't take much to keep Buffalo and Western New York clean if we just put a little effort in to it. I have started to put trash bags in to the truck to collect the things we have to throw away. With three kids in the back seat, trash piles up and it is our responsibility to put it where it needs to go.


Lent is here! Ash Wednesday is a big day in Western New York for so many and a big day for those who want to get a fish fry. If you live in the Southtowns, there is one place that I would say has the best fish fry on the go.

The Now Pizzeria has some excellent pizza year round. But when it comes to fish fry season, they are heard to beat. Not only is the fish enormous, but you get some amazing sides and salads and it stays nice and hot for when you get it home to enjoy it.

Get your order in early today and for the Fridays ahead. The fish fry at The Now is very popular!

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