The Statler Building (Staler City Hotel) is one of the landmarks in Buffalo, but it's also one of the biggest paranormal hot spots in Western New York.

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Opened in 1921, the building has hosted many famous people, including John F. Kennedy, Al Capone and Tony Bennett. It was also the first hotel in the country to have a bathroom in every room.

The building has actually been featured on national TV shows for its rumored haunting -- such as TLC and The Travel Channel.

Hosts on Paranormal Lockdown spent 72 hours inside the building and caught a chair move on its own in the Terrace Room.

There have been reports of strange happenings for years.

Some believe there are ghosts of two small boys who drowned in the hotel's first few years, in the Turkish bath. The ruins of the room still remain in the basement, according to WGRZ.

Lately, ghost tours have taken place. While investigating, EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) have been conducted, including the Rendezvous Room, where the equipment picked up an eerie voice saying, "I need a drink...".

You can watch some of the reported stories and that voice saying "I need a drink" in the video below:

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