We're in the midst of the warmest time of the year, with temperatures in the 80's and even 90's this week in Western New York.

The height of summer is something people are not taking for granted, after what was a brutal winter and cooler spring, which brought snow, ice and below temperatures to the Buffalo region.

Still, it's not too early to think about the upcoming fall season in Western New York.

There are few places better than Western New York for fall. We have the exact right temperatures for October and the fall foliage in places like Ellicottville, Gowanda, Cherry Creek and Allegany are outmatched.

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The haunted attractions have gotten less prominent over the last two years in Buffalo, with the Haunted Catacombs leaving the area in 2021. Frightworld has carried the load, with The Haunted Forests being a new attraction in Newfane. Now, The Haunted Forests has decided to join forces with a popular fall attraction.

The Haunted Forests has teamed up with The Great Pumpkin Farm to bring haunted hayrides, a haunted trail and corn maze to the Clarence location.

The Haunted Forests will technically be opening a second site at The Great Pumpkin Farm, with The Great Pumpkin Farm still having all their usual family-fun attractions, and The Haunted Forests providing the haunted hayrides and other haunted attractions in Clarence.

Food vendors, beer and wine will also be part of the new venture.

This is a great idea and will attract even more people to The Haunted Forests. They say the hayrides will start at 7 pm and more details will soon be revealed.

It was a big blow when Haunted Catacombs closed their Cheektowaga location but now, there will be a new haunted attraction closer to Buffalo and we need more haunted hayrides!

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