Gas prices are soaring and there is one place that has gas prices as high as $8 per gallon!

It is the political season once again and there are campaign signs popping up just about everywhere around Western New York. From front lawns to intersections and busy roadways, there is a sign just about everywhere promoting someone’s favorite candidate. Election day happens on November 2nd.

Joe Biden Sticker

Politics aside, seeing the President of the United States in a miniature sticker on a gas pump did offer some comic relief to the prices that are currently greeting us when we go to fill up.

If you are registered to vote, don’t forget that the big day is coming up one week from this Tuesday. November 2 is election day and although elections are going to be important in every jurisdiction around Western New York, the biggest one seems to be the race for the Mayor of Buffalo. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is going to be as Byron Brown‘s name is going to have to be written down for those who choose to vote for the current mayor. This past weekend, India Walton had quite the Endorsement offered as AOC came to Buffalo to help her campaign with a rally that happened on Saturday.

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