The reptile house that currently houses all the snakes, tortoises, and lizards for the Buffalo Zoo was built in 1942.  It's time for an upgrade!

The Zoo held a press conference this morning to announce that the funding that they have been raising to fund a new enclosure for their reptiles is complete and they will begin construction soon.

According to WKBW, it will be called the Donna M. Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center or A.R.C. and will cost about $3.7 million.

They started the project in 2015 and are excited to break ground on the new reptile house soon.  For now, the current reptile house will be closed to the public.

The state will be covering some of the cost, according to Buffalo Zoo CEO Norah Fletchall,

"We are grateful to the State of New York and to Senator Jacobs for securing $150,000
of state funding towards this much needed project.  This funding, along with the generous support of others will allow us to continue to highlight reptile and amphibian species, including those native to our region."

We can expect a few new animals to live there too!  Including the Komodo Dragon and the longest venomous snake in the Western Hemisphere, The Bushmaster.

The new exhibit will not only include new animals but also a new roof, heating and ventilation systems, several new and renovated naturalistic habitats, and interactive education elements.

Click here for more on the new Donna M. Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center.

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