One love story in Western New York is quickly getting everyone’s attention after one woman noticed something unusual during her morning commute to work.

There is a goose that will not leave the 90. You may think to yourself, “what a silly goose” but actually there’s more to the story than that. 

The goose has said to be “heartbroken” after the goose’s mate was killed by an oncoming vehicle. 

Julie called into Clay & Company while on her drive to work to fill us in on why the goose has been adamantly standing by the 90 for days, and you can hear the call below.

"I drive the 90 East and West every day, [and] on Tuesday, there was a goose killed," Julie said. "Its mate -- they mate for life -- was walking around, pacing, didn't know what to do."

On Thursday night, Julie saw that the dead goose was moved, but the partner had not budged.

"The dead goose was gone, but its partner is still there," Julie said. "[It] will not move, it's like walking around, pacing."

Julie said she left a message with a D.O.C. officer and the SPCA Serving Erie County's wildlife rescue, calling the goose one of "the saddest things" she has ever seen.

One thing you may not know about geese is that they mate for life. At the age of about 2-3 years old, a goose will find its mate and will stick by them every year after. 

The fact that this goose is roaming around right where the significant other was killed is enough proof for me to think that this goose truly is heartbroken and has been grieving.

If you see this goose on the 90, just know that s/he is going through a lot…take it easy of her/him.

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