Tim Tebow turned heads in college football.  He was a Heisman Trophy winner!  But that was in football.  Now, he's got a new game and he's coming to Buffalo.

He is definitely one of the most recognized faces in football.  But now, he's playing a new game.  You may have heard that Tim Tebow is taking a run at baseball.

Yup...like Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and...uh...Garth Brooks? He's trying to become a dual sport athlete and he's taking a run at professional baseball.  He's currently an outfielder for the Syracuse Mets.  While some question whether or not he's a legit prospect or a human promotion, you have to admit it would have been pretty cool to see any of the other three names listed above play in a sport that they originally weren't famous for (Ok...maybe Bo Jackson doesn't fit that statement, but you get it).

Now, you have a chance to see him and decide for yourself.  He's coming to Buffalo.

The Bisons return home this week for a 3 game stand  (Tuesday 5/28, Wednesday 5/29, and Thursday 5/30) and they will be taking on The Syracuse Mets and of their newest outfielders in Tim Tebow.

Will you be there?  Get your tickets here.

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