This year has been incredibly tough on many families right here in Western New York.  Feed More WNY is hoping that Saturday you'll be able to help "Spread the Love."

It has obviously been one of the hardest years financially for many people in our country.  Some lost their jobs through no fault of their own and have had to rely on help from food pantries to help put food on the table for their families.

Now, the food pantries need your help to replenish their shelves to be prepared for more.

There is a food drive on Saturday called the "Spread the Love" food drive to benefit Feed More WNY.  It's the "Spread the Love" food drive because they're really looking for the most spreadable food on their shelves - Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter is packed with protein and can be used for just about any meal.  Whether it's on toast for breakfast, along with jelly for lunch, or just a dip for some celery for an afternoon snack, it's one of the most universal foods and it's got a pretty good shelf life.

So they're hoping if you'll be in the Amherst or Cheektowaga area tomorrow, you might be able to bring a jar or two to donate to the cause.

They will be collecting food on Saturday, May 22 from 10AM-2PM outside the Walden Galleria's main entrance between Macy's and JC Penny.

You will also find them at the Amherst Town Hall Parking Lot at 5583 Main Street from 10am-2pm.

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