There is a little boy from Orchard Park who is celebrating a birthday this weekend.  And by making his birthday incredible, you can also help fight pediatric cancer.

The story is up at WIVB about a little boy named Desmond.  He just turned 7 years old on Thursday and he's been battling leukemia this year.  His mom is hoping to make his birthday special during the pandemic and also pledge to give back.

Here's the deal.  Organizers are putting together a drive-by birthday parade for Desmond this Saturday.  You've seen them before.  Everyone gets together and drives by the person with well wishes written on signs or on their cars while honking and making all kinds of noise.  They're asking people to join them in the parking lot of the Orchard Park Village Library parking lot at 12:40 on Saturday.  There will then be a parade at 1 pm through Green Lake in Orchard Park.

Here's what makes this one even more unique.  Desmond's mom wants to give back for people that participate.  According to WIVB, "for every car that drives by Desmond in the parade, he and his mother will donate to pediatric cancer organizations directly working to help children battling cancer."

This is a win-win.  Desmond gets a huge birthday parade that he will remember forever and kids that are fighting cancer will get a big helping hand.

The organizations that she will be donating to include:

  • Make-A-Wish WNY
  • Courage for Carly
  • the PUNT Foundation
  • Camp Good Days.

For more info, please visit the event page on facebook.



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