It is one of the most inspiring events I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Last year was the inaugural year for Team WYRK at the Ride For Roswell. This year, we plan to be back and better than ever! With your help, we can reach our goal and help in the fight against cancer!

I will be training and getting ready for the 104-mile course. That doesn't mean that if you join our team, you have to ride that far. There are other courses that you and your friends and family can take on. Or if you would like, you can also become a virtual rider, or simply donate and be a part of something spectacular.

We have set a goal of $100,000. Why not? I figured that if every one of our listeners gave at least a dollar, we could get there in no time. However, I also am a realist. If we can can make a few benchmark goals along the way, who knows...we just may get there before The Ride at the end of June!

I invite you to help us in the fight against cancer. Go to Team WYRK's page and sign up to ride or donate. It means so much to me to help fight cancer. I know many of you have either lost someone to this terrible disease or you yourself have beaten cancer. More and  more often, I meet survivors, or families of survivors, who tell me that if it wasn't for Faith, hard work, a good attitude and the support of loved ones, they may not be here today to tell their story.

At Roswell Park, the doctors and staff work tirelessly to achieve the common goal of beating cancer. With your help, we get closer everyday to finding the cure.

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