Governor Andrew Cuomo held a news briefing on late Friday morning and made a few new announcements, including that gyms and salons in orange restriction zones could reopen at 25 percent capacity, with continued testing.

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The Governor also announced new contact tracing data of where current COVID-19 cases are coming from in the state, according to WIVB. Leading the way for current cases are households and small gatherings at 74 percent.

Here's some of the list, courtesy of WIVB. To view the full list, click here.

  • Private households - 74%
  • Households/social gatherings - 73.8%
  • Healthcare delivery - 7.81%
  • Higher education student - 2.02%
  • Education employee - 1.50%
  • Restraurants/bars - 1.43%
  • Travel/vacation - 1.06%
  • Sports - 1.04%
  • Public sector - 1.0%
  • Religious activities - 0.69%
  • Retail - 0.61%
  • Hair & personal care - 0.14%
  • Gyms - 0.06%

Governor Cuomo also said that new zone designations will be coming next week after the state goes over the data this weekend. Yellow, orange, and red zones will have different distinctions.

Western New York currently has a 7.22 percent positivity rate, which is now third in the state behind the Finger Lakes region and Mohawk Valey at 7.81 percent.

Read more at WIVB.

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