Fall is here in Western New York and now is the time you will see pumpkins all over the 716.

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Pumpkins are a big part of Fall and Halloween here in Western New York. Wheater you are looking to make the perfect pumpkin pie, carve out the perfect Jack-O-Lantern, or just pile some pumpkins on your front porch, you need to pick the perfect pumpkin.

Just like watermelons in the Summer, there are some tricks to picking out a perfect pumpkin this fall. If you use these tips the next time you head over to the nearest pumpkin patch or grocery store you will guarantee yourself a perfect pumpkin.

Plus now that fall is here in Western New York, there are plenty of places to pick up your pumpkins. From Wal-mart to Aldi's to local farmers if you are looking for pumpkins you won't have to look too far.

One key thing to choosing the right pumpkin is that you need to take your time. If you shop in a store, chances are the pumpkins will be in big ol' boxes and you will have to sort thru them all to find the really good ones. If you head out to a pumpkin farm, you might have to walk around for a while to find the perfect pumpkin. The good news is that it is worth the time to find the perfect pumpkin. They will last longer as Jack-O-Lanterns and will taste better in your pumpkin pie.

Here you go, here are 5 tricks to picking out a perfect pumpkin each and every time.

5 Tips To Pick A Perfect Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin

Pumpkins are now out all over Western New York and if you are going to crave a Jack-O-Lantern, you want the perfect pumpkin.

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