It's always a struggle to pick out the right candy to give away on halloween. Let's be honest, you're really picking out the candy you want to eat if there is any left over! Some houses don't even give out candy! They stick to little kick-knacks and sometimes even toothbrushes are dropped into the bags/ But, don't assume that the house is owned by dentist.

A recent survey from the American Dental Association showed that 76% of dentists actually give out candy on the holiday. It's not all tricks for dentists, they understand what the holiday is all about but it doesn't mean they're handing out bags of sugar. The same study showed that chocolate was the overwhelming favorite candy handed out by dentist. Chocolate is easier to clean off the teeth and also has some great benefits for the body as well, "since it slows down bacteria that can cause tooth decay, although dark chocolate is preferred because it contains less sugar."

So what about candies that dentist would have you stay away from?

The number one candy to stay away from is hard candy, "it’s pure sugar that kids suck on for a long time so all that sugar stays in the mouth." It's also a candy that could break a child's tooth if they try to hard to bite down on the candy. Other candies that are less than favorable from the dentist's point of view is gummy candy, "because it clings to the teeth, caramel, which is sticky and harder to remove, and sour candy, which is acidic, and the acids help bacteria, and also change the PH of the mouth."

Source: Today

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